Sunday, July 25, 2010


The amazing world

of Bengal's architecture

It was a couple of years before my retirement from professional life.... I was traveling to Delhi in a train. A Dancer from Calcutta was also traveling to Delhi in the same cubicle. She was looking forward to a performance where she would present to the Delhi audience a repertoire on dances of Bengal. While explaining her repertoire, she mentioned that some details of her presentation is based on research on the classical dance postures found on the temples of Bengal. This was revelation to me. I have visited some of the best preserved/restored temples of Bengal, enjoyed the architecture and the artistic sculptures adorning the walls, took many photographs of the same ….. but did not observe the details of the then society depicted . I was more attracted to the mythological depictions.

Slowly, a desire to revisit these temples with a camera and cover more temples at the next opportunity grew within me …. but, only after, after doing more homework. During this phase, I have come across interesting books and writings on history and architecture of the TERRACOTTA TEMPLES of Bengal .

Here I share with the visitors of this site with what I found interesting during my journey through the amazing world of the wonders of terra cotta temples of Bengal .

With time and more details, I hope, these pages will bring out more of the treasure many artistes created and bequeathed to us.......

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  1. Jyotirmaya Mukherjee,my friend from Orkut writes :

    'You are doing great work Shyamal, I wish I could be with you and gather some knowledge from your writings and book, I do blog, but they mere ramblings of a confused mind. I will left you have my id soon.'

    I have relied , acknowledging his encouraging remarks :

    'Thanks for your encouraging comments. I shall copy/paste the same on my blogsite.

    Pl view for blogs on terra cotta temples of Bengal - started new.

    Pl let me have your blog ID. Also please stay in touch and we shall collaborate wherever possible. I am sure your knowledge in ancient history will guide me whenever I need the same.

    Stay well and best wishes.'