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Those lovely temples......not easy to choose the 'beauties' !

I am very late in starting my 3rd Blog, for the simple reason I could not decide what the 3rd blog would be about.Will it be a blog containing   a selection of wall panels with descriptions  or the Timeline ? Finally, I decided on the Timeline.... and the reader  may kindly excuse me for the error in spelling of 'Raja Ramanath Roy - one of the two patrons of Kantaji's temple.

The hesitation I had is not only because of the problem of editing an 'Excel saved-as Jpeg' file. I was wondering if I am being fare to Pratapeswar temple of Kalna and the cluster of temples of Baronagar.Well, it is very difficult to decide. Eventually, I decided to publish the Timeline I prepared 2+ years ago. It is here :

Tmeline contains temples' photos,Patrons' names and respective years of constructuin.
Please click on this Timeline for having a larger view on your monitor. 

If a person wants to cover all these temples, except for the one in Bangladesh, with her/his hub in Calcutta, s/he must have  atleeast 4 full days in her/his disposal. At least 2 days for Bishnupur and 1 day each for Antpur and Bansberia.

At  and around,Bishnupur, there are more than 3 temples worth visiting plus a very nice , though small, museum which has a very helpful Curator. Mr Chittaranan Dasgupta , a well known figure among Bishupur terra cotta's historians , often cones to the museum in the afternoon - one can visit the temple at Kotalpur       ( different from a village of the same name from in Bankura district). Ditto about Antpur. One word of warning - Photography @ Bishnupur Museum is not allowed . Couple of years ago, I found getting permission for photography at  RadhaGovindjiu's temple at Antpur was difficult too . But, for a serious student of Hindu Iconography, these temples offer rich reward.

Before I close this blog, I would like  to mention  a few specialities of Pratapeswar temple and the cluster at Baronagar. Pratapeswar temple is a Deul type construction , with a distinct style of art.The social scenes stamd out.Baronagar temples' cluster offer a grand display of mythology  and social scenes. More on these temples in later blogs.

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