Monday, August 15, 2011


Radhe-Shyam temple lighted-up on a clear December night.
The entrance in the far-end, shot taken from corner near to Jor-Bangla temple.

A  monument lighted up, specially when the background is absolutely dark, has  added  beauty  which is often very difficult to capture in a camera. One has to be physically present in front of this monument,under the dark sky and stare from a distance to 'feel' the surrealistic appeal the scene in one's front !

I  never cease to admire the architecture of Jor-Bangla and Pancha-Ratna temples of Bishnupur. The very first sets of terra cotta temples were built 300+ years ago. The architects sense of proportion amazes me.So far, nothing much has been done on the dimensional proportion of temples - we tend to admire what is very tall and big in a temple. I believe the ratio between its dimension gives the temple a stable look, which quietly adds to the visual appeal.

Coming aback to the subject of the beauty of Bishnupur temples, I was lucky to find the some of the temples well-lighted during my 2-days stay there. We believe, in a place  having rich  architectural  sites, it is often proper not to hurry through the photography session and hop to the next destination, but,stay back, if possible, a little longer . I got reward for this habit at Badami, Bishnupur and Bikaner ( - all these places' names start with a 'B' !). I missed out a lot at Ranakpur and also during my last visit to Chittor  Fort as we were in a hurry. Since  we stayed back at Bishnupur , we could enjoy the lighting  of the temples. The Authorities were gearing up for tourist season due to start in a few days' time and we had the good luck to be present during the trials of lighting. Not another soul around, except for the security guards , during that evening.

All the temples were not lit up - we found lighting in Jor-Bangla ,Pancha-Ratna and  Radhe-Shyam temples. A few bulbs  in the lighting system of Jor-Bangla had conked out. Therefore , capturing the details of the wall-reliefs were difficult.

 Western face of Panchratna temple. This face had the best lighting - 
watch the famous 'RasLeela' panel on the right-hand side of this photo.

 Famous KrsnaLeela scenes on PanchaRatna temple.

Here,I have shared with my friends a few of the photographs I have in my HDD.Hope you have enjoyed.

 East and north faces of Jor-Bangla temple - 
lights on the other side were getting ready.

 The famous wall of Jor-Bangla temple which has iconic 
'Nouka Bilas' and 'Bastra Haran' scenes from KrsnaLeela.

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